CPI - Company Overview

Here at CPI we love science.  We study the physical properties of the Earth and its surrounding atmosphere as well as our neighboring planets and our own sun.  We make the study of science practical by translating our findings into products, both hardware and software, that make our customer’s lives better and easier.   CPI has served various U. S. Government agencies, universities, international science organizations, prime contractors, as well as commercial customers for over 30 years.

As an employee owned company, we pride ourselves on our long history and stability, commitment to our customers, and our ability to solve complex scientific challenges. It is this unique blend of scientific integrity and innovative spirit that has enabled CPI to acquire and retain an exceptional staff of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers that are called upon to continue our mission of advancing human knowledge of our Earth’s and surrounding planet’s physical properties.

From nearly its beginning CPI has provided critical support to the U.S. Government and their prime contractors for their satellite remote sensing missions.

CPI’s expertise in earth and planetary radiative transfer has led to the development of models that greatly enhance our satellite remote sensing expertise for support from sensor design, mission planning, data validation, to on-orbit sensor calibration.

CPI’s spectral sensing and imaging capability not only enhances CPI’s satellite remote sensing capability, but also provides the foundation for CPI’s suite of ground-based instrumentation, as well as applications as diverse as early non-invasive skin cancer detection.  We Sort Light.

Geomagnetic storms originating from our active sun’s solar flares impact the magnetic and electric fields here on Earth.  Our scientists and engineers are on the forefront of geomagnetic hazard analysis building tools and sensors to analyze impacts, protect utilities, and monitor hazards from this space weather phenomena.  CPI’s geomagnetic hazard analysis is lead out of the CPI Boulder office.