CPI makes the study of science practical by applying our vast expertise in the fields of radiative transfer, geomagnetic hazard analysis, spectral sensing and imaging, and satellite remote sensing to solve real world challenges.

Our radiative transfer models help instrument builders understand what their sensors will see before they spend time and money building them.

Recent FERC regulations require the power industry to analyze, monitor, and protect against geomagnetically induced currents.  CPI's scientists and engineers are on the forefront of applying geophysical modeling, space weather expertise, and instrumentation development to address this critical need.

CPI's suite of compact, low cost, and high resolution sensors and imagers are the perfect solution for small satellite missions, manufacturing quality control, detecting target emissions, and other applications that require isolating spectral signatures or hyperspectral imaging.

Remote sensing is one of CPI's core capabilities.  As such, our algorithmic software solutions for data retrieval have been used for a number of satellite and ground-based remote sensing missions.  Complimentary hardware solutions for remote sensing applications include our very sensitive, miniature photometer for use in small satellites.