Space Hazard Monitors 

Space Hazard Monitors (SHMs) are custom built magnetometer installations designed to monitor local conditions that can lead to geomagnetically-induced currents (GICs).  SHMs are fully off-grid, with built-in power and communications.

Given knowledge of an impending GIC event, there are many things that a utility operator can do to prepare their system. Federal resources may give early warning of solar activity, however, actionable information on the ground is necessary to make the decision to act on appropriate system posturing.

SHMs provide continuous real-time monitoring of local conditions and integrates with CPI's AVERT electric field model to provide the clearest insight currently available to localized real-time GMD hazard conditions.



Data is transmitted via wireless connection or over the web, giving you operational information for your specific area.
Turn-key and fully independent, the SHM doesn't need lines for power or data.
Because getting the most up-to-date information is critical, SHM data is less than a second behind real-time time.
GMD shm leyden

Integrate magnetic field data into GIC hazard analysis.

SHMs fully integrate with CPI's AVERT model.

Purchase a SHM for dedicated use or subscribe to our network.

SHMs can be installed on-site at your location, integrated with your system. Contact us to learn more or to find out when subscription services are available in your area.

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