Imaging Spectrograph

The Middlesex Spectrograph is a compact, meridional instrument capable of imaging a full 180° slice of the sky onto the 1292 x 1040 pixel CCD. With a spectral resolution of 2nm or less, and a spectral range of 400 - 800nm, this spectrograph is ideal for auroral and airglow spectroscopy.


  • Spectral resolution: 2nm, or less, depending upon slit size
  • Field of view: 180° along slit
  • Spectral range: 400nm to 800nm
  • Photometric sensitivity: 4.6 photons/sec-pixel-kilorayleigh
    • Ex: 1 kilorayleigh auroral signal with 3x1 binning (perpendicular to slit) produces 13.8 photons/pixel in a 1 second integration period
    • A 30 rayleigh airglow signal binned 3x1 and using a 15 second integration generates 6 photons/pixel
  • Read noise 4e-
  • Robust, monolithic design
  • Software included
  • No mechanical, pressure, or voltage scanning